Issue 51.1, 2018

Table of Contents


Eric Henry Sanders
Chris S. Burns
Michael Chitwood
  1. Eve


Sarah Anne Strickley
Wendy Bilen


Adrienne Asher
  1. Burning Through Dreams
Al Nyhart
  1. Sunday at the Park Pavilion
Carol Durak
  1. Lorca's Piano
Darrell Dela Cruz
  1. Organ Donor
Bruce Bond
  1. Lesser Sun Gods of the Modern Day
Jackleen Holton
Emily Pittinos
Margaux Griffith
Janet Reed
  1. Into the Night Through Open Windows
Ceridwen Hall
Kristina Marie Darling
  1. Melancholy, Sings the Mockingbird. Terror. Nothing is ever the same.
  2. She Thought of His Steps in the Garden. She Could Think of Nothing Else When He Opened His Mouth.
Carlos Reyes
  1. The Tenants of the World
Walter Bargen
  1. Heaven's Open Face
Cedric Rudolph
  1. Reference
Simon Perchik
  1. *
  2. *
Mark DeFoe
  1. Angels in the Dumpster
Ryler Dustin
Janicanne Shane
  1. Overgrown
Tracy Zeman
  1. Star or Plow
Diane Wald
  1. It's Just The Noise Of The Water Seeping Through The Hardened Ground
  2. My Undertaker Wears A Sweet Cologne
Annie Diamond
  1. I like our bodies when
  2. Of the spine
Sarah Blackman
  1. Voyeurism
Stephen Gibson
  1. Frida Kahlo's Painting Rememberance of the Open Wound
Mick Powell
  1. my student makes a video of herself lighting the flag on fire
Erik Orosco
  1. thinking about my uncle during a concert, November 9th
Brian Batchelor
  1. from Disfigured Hours
Loretta Oleck
  1. Rima
Suzanne Roszak
  1. There Are People Out There With Courage
Claire Bateman
  1. The Ordinary Course of Things
Rita Rouvalis Chapman
  1. Taking Account After Divorce
  2. Dear Syria
Jake Bailey
  1. Cigar Burn
Brian Satrom
  1. Viewing Reagan's Casket
Jamie Wendt
  1. Rooted
Michael McLane
  1. from Warm Springs
John Hyland
  1. Each Night
  2. Bali
Kelsea Habecker
  1. Unconjugal Weather
  2. Solitudinal
Isaac Pressnell
  1. Some Reasons
  2. Man Searching for Immorality/Woman Searching for Eternity
Mary Leader
  1. from Cornucopia of Arcadia
Natalie Homer
  1. Geneology
  2. Overlook
  3. Gravedigging, 5:00am
Amelia Martens
  1. Making a Death Pit
  2. The 3 Properties of Wool
Andres Rodriguez
  1. Drawn Curtains
Bray McDonald
  1. The Veteran
Christopher Rubio-Goldsmith
  1. Workshopping a Poem
E.B. Schnepp
  1. Harbinger;Augary;Oracle;Omen
  2. Psuedocyesis
Esteban Rodriguez
  1. Curios
  2. Tlacuache
  3. Ballad
  4. Mimesis
Nancy Goldberg
  1. Tread Softly in Dublin
Jessica Lieberman
  1. Blue
  2. His
  3. KIKE
Kara Knickerbocker
  1. Splitting the Family Tree
  2. A Lesson in Direction
Melissa Andres
  1. My Mother's Daybed
Miranda Beeson
Stephen Massimilla
  1. Ascent
  2. Through Me
Taffeta Chime
  1. (Washing Rice)
Tara Orzolek
  1. The mess that was left on the table, after I asked for forgiveness
  2. Courtesy call
Virginia Chase Sutton
  1. Postcards from Buenos Aires
Zoe Canner
  1. secular diaspora in parts
  2. wish i were here
David Koehn
  1. Delta 5: September 7th The Day After Reading Antin's "John Cage Uncaged Is Still Cagey" I See Waterweed Everywhere
  2. Delta 6: At The Corner Of Byron Highway & Camino Diablo There Is A Stoplight

Special Spanish/English Translations

Xavier Abril translated by Will T.F. Carter
  1. Intimacy
Julio Martinez Masanza translated by Stuart Jay Silverman
  1. Horses Also Die In Battle
Ricardo Guiraldes translated by Christopher Ringrose
  1. Bark
Julio Cortazar translated by Carolina A. Herrera
  1. To Read as an Interrogative
Lope de Vega translated by Dan McIsaac
  1. Aubade
  2. River Song
Juan Ramon Jimenez translated by Dan McIsaac
  1. The Bridge of Love
Pablo de Rokha translated by Alani Rosa Hicks-Bartlett
  1. Spirit and Figure
  2. Epitaph of the Tomb of Juan, The Carpenter
Roberto Azcorra Camara translated by Pennell Somsen
  1. Spirals
Ricardo Nicolayevsky translated by Diego Gerard
  1. The Smoocher
Kate Kingston translated by Luisa Govela
  1. Que posee Lorca?

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