David Greenspan Sometimes Life Ain't Short Enough At All

Difficult air, diet air,
discount air, lemon air,
scripture air my favorite
of course. Seed swallowed
air, small animal air,
Detroit air. When I was a boy
I delighted in delight, in running
my hands through air and hair
and really there's not much difference.
I delighted in the sweet taste of creek water
and those fat mushrooms who sighed
when pressed especially hard. Drug store air,
grocery store air, hardware store air,
dog breath air. What can you teach me
about riding bikes I didn't already learn
two decades ago? What can you tell me
about honeysuckle, rhubarb, nettle?
I'm thinking of the Pacific Northwest,
of rain air, of pine air, of the big one air
and here we are fingers spreading
like a particularly thick jam. I'll stop
right now and admit I wasn't honest.
I’m tin drunk and stuffed and stuffing
all types of marbles into my pocket.
Repeat after me "I did not hold my boot
to his neck. I did not, I did not."

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