Paul Dickey Ceremonial Hat for Eating Bouillabaisse (Eileen Agar, 1936)

She wears many hats. She has a closet filled with hats and shoes. The hats she turns into old men, but she wears the shoes when she isn't wearing hardly anything at all at the pool. The old men there wonder how they could speak to her appropriately. That is, without appearing to be, well you know. When they were young, although the young dudes at the pool think she is old and the girlfriends are not impressed in the slightest or even worried about her. They even laugh as the old men on old lawn chairs admire her and sip diet sodas, exposing thier bony, hairless chests and their overly inflated tires they sometimes use for digestive purposes. This morning she wears this hat over her bikini eyes and the old men are speechless, the young dudes are aghast and confused about how their lives are working out, and the girls are afraid for the sake of their beauty.

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